It really is that Easy


"To most people, this looks like a bunch of freezer meals. But to me, it’s more time with my family. More time at the dinner table, talking about our days.  Thank you, Roxanne Maloy Foster, for making this working mom’s life just a little bit easier!"

- Lindsay


"I just wanted to thank you for this amazing service you provide. I just had a baby and the Easy Freezy meals have been a life saver for my family. Bless you and your family for offering this. We love it!!"

- Jamie


"I was on the fence about this for months.  She announced a pop up sale and I just had to try the kore Beef Tacos, alongside a few others.  To feed our family (sharing meals) at a fast food place usually costs about $20 or more (family of 5).  For $15; her meal fed us for two and a half days.  We stretched it out over four meals.  The money is just a bonus.  The stress of deciding dinner, all the time spent prepping and cooking, running to the store several times a get so much time back.  It's supporting a fellow mom and giving me back precious time to focus on my children as well as myself.  I can't wait for the next menu."  

- Olivia


"Had the potato soup & it's a very, very close 2nd to my aunt's potato soup that we eat every year on Christmas Eve. Coming in 2nd may not sound great... but you've never had my Aunt's soup & you have no idea how high a compliment this actually is... and I think it's way easier than her recipe! Well obviously, since I just dumped everything in a crockpot and left the 'hard work' to Easy Freezy!"

- Ali


"I had to make a super late dinner so to keep the natives from going wild (I have 5 kids). I cooked them a cheese pizza while I took my time with the Okie Pork Chops. I had 4 out of 5 children eating those pork chops even after their pizza...even though there was still pizza left! They were amazing! Thank you for an easy recipe that was even feasible on such a late start! I love that there are recipes I can fix even if I didn't get it going hours earlier (which is an option I also love)!"

- Brittney

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