How to Meal Prep for Your Family

May 3, 2019



In a world of people, resources, technology, and work vying for our time, we must be cautious with how our time is filled. There are constructive ways, destructive ways, and ways that just feel like filler.


Do you have kids? Spouse? Self? Someone in your life that needs food and seems to demand it EVERY. SINGLE. DAY?! Meeting their needs can be exhausting, and feel like it’s a time filler, or taking time away from you that you could be using for more valuable tasks. Meal prep can be a way to alleviate some of these stresses.


Here’s a list of just a few things you need to meal prep:

  • Organization and planning skills

  • Time to plan

  • Strategy to conquer your family’s allergen needs

  • Multiple complicated ingredients

  • A day to grocery shop and chop foods

  • Skills in the kitchen to sauté, mince, and generally cook foods

  • Containers on containers on containers, and detailed labeling


What if I told you I have a solution that could solve this list in ONE order a month?


What you would gain with Easy Freezy:

  • TIME

  • Shelf space - not having that jar of cardamom on your shelf for 3 years since Easy Freezy provides the exact ingredients you need!

  • Your mornings only containing “Which Easy Freezy meal should I stick in the slow cooker today?” and not intense planning and the looming question of “What in the world should I make for dinner today?”

  • Leftovers – most meals are designed to feed 4-6 people, but many can be stretched with more meat

  • Only one afternoon of shopping for proteins and loading the bags

  • Allergen-friendly, accessible choices


Order Easy Freezy now!



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