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April 30, 2019

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May Regular

May Keto

May Plus/Whole30

May Plus Grill

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May Regular Menu



May Regular Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Easy Freezy's Pot Roast - our best classic pot roast - tangy, buttery, and delicious. Will feed a crowd FOR SURE. This meal will last you days if you buy a 3 lb chuck roast. It is DELICIOUS. (slow cooker)

  2. Fiesta Chicken - a great meal that includes the black beans/corn - it's awesome alone, or over salads, nachoes, etc. Also one to feed a crowd! This meal is gluten/dairy free. (slow cooker)

  3. Korean Beef Tacos - one of Easy Freezy's top 3 fan favorite meals! This is a savory and flavorful roast that is amazing with sriracha slaw on top or wrapped in a tortilla. (slow cooker)

  4. Swedish Meatballs - you will absolutely want to use the full 2 lbs of meatballs on this dish. It is a VERY flavorful meal, and could handle 3 lbs if you want to invite over friends! (slow cooker)

  5. Jalapeno Popper Chicken - This is a great standalone creamy dish, or you can turn it into taquitos! Gluten free as well! (slow cooker)

  6. Mexican Shredded Beef - this is a fan favorite! It's so versatile. Make tacos/burritos/salads/nachos/etc. Endless possibilities with this meal. It is a slow cooker meal, and is also dairy free!

  7. Sesame Chicken Lettuce Wraps - have you had them from Pei Wei? I'm not saying ours are better (they are), but I'm definitely saying they're healthier ;) (slow cooker)

  8. Poppyseed Chicken - another customer favorite, creamy, buttery, full of fun poppyseeds! Take this one up a notch by baking for 20 minutes after it's done in the slow cooker, with crushed Ritz crackers on top! (slow cooker)

  9. Cheesy Ranch Chicken - quite possibly the kids' favorite EF meal (all the kids!) Cheesy, creamy, protein - what else can you ask for? (Slow cooker)

  10. Lemon Dill Chicken or Shrimp - a light and clean summer dish. This grills perfectly, and is best grilled (especially if you choose shrimp)!


May PLUS/W30 Menu



May PLUS/W30 Menu - Meal Descriptions


May Keto Menu



May Keto Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Taco Slaw - love our egg roll in a bowl? You Keto fans will LOVE this taco slaw. This is a quick (15 minutes or less) stovetop meal.

  2. Chicken Enchilada Casserole - this is a complete dish, we provide the corn tortillas to put into the slow cooker near the end! Super great flavor! Pack on the cheese because why not! (slow cooker)

  3. Meatball Pizza - all the flavor of pizza, without the gluten/carbs! Add ALL the mozzarella cheese, because why not? (slow cooker)

  4. French Onion Pork Chops - these are SO delicious, savory, and would also be great on chicken! (slow cooker)

  5. Spinach Artichoke Chicken - a newer dish we cannot wait for you to taste! It is AMAZING. Use your leftovers as a dip! This one can hold a ton of meat and still keep perfect flavor. (Slow cooker)

  6. Dill Pickle Pot Roast – a new one that we know you’re going to love! EVEN if you don’t like pickles (I promise). The salty juice adds so much flavor to the fall apart roast! (Slow cooker)

  7. Poppyseed Chicken - it's like the casserole you grew up loving, without the crackers/gluten/carbs! A delicious buttery flavor, pairs well with veggies! (slow cooker)

  8. Jalapeno Cheddar Stuffed Burger - this is dang flavorful burger! Wrap it in a butter lettuce wrap, and bam! Top it with all your favorite burger toppings, and you'll forget you're doing Keto! (grill, stovetop)

  9. Korean Beef Tacos - one of Easy Freezy's top 3 fan favorite meals! This is a savory and flavorful roast that is amazing with sriracha slaw on top. (slow cooker)

  10. Mississippi Crack Chicken - the best of both worlds, our delicious Mississippi Pot Roast made a baby with Crack Chicken! This is perfect over veggies, cauli-rice, or on a bun if you aren't following keto! (slow cooker)

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