March Menus

February 27, 2019

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March Regular — Slow Cooker

March Regular — IP

March Keto

March Plus/Whole30

Shipping Menu — Slow Cooker

Shipping Menu — IP


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March Regular Menu


March Regular Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Poppyseed Chicken - this is MY personal favorite and I'll be ordering 5. This is SO creamy and delicious. Slow Cooker - and BONUS - You could always turn it into your classic poppyseed casserole in the oven with the addition of ritz crackers/butter on top! YUM!

  2. Creamy Italian Chicken - creamy, savory, delicious. This is perfect over noodles, potatoes, rice, etc. A classic comfort meal, with a bit of tang. This is a slow cooker meal and is dry - so fits in your pantry for simpler storage!

  3. Korean Beef Tacos - one of Easy Freezy's top 3 fan favorite meals! This is a savory and flavorful roast that is amazing with sriracha slaw on top or wrapped in a tortilla. (slow cooker)

  4. Buffalo Ranch Pasta - for you parents out there, don't worry! This isn't too spicy! The flavor is very muted, promise! This one is a slow cooker meal, and you cook the noodles in with it! SO simple.

  5. Cajun Chicken and Sausage - a classic New Orleans style dish, with just the right kick of spice. This is a favorite comfort food amongst EF fans!

  6. Tangy Tomato Brisket - our first brisket! Everyone loves brisket, and now we've made it easy! A great blend of spices, with tomato paste and our secret ingredient. (slow cooker)

  7. Meatball & Tortellini Soup - exactly as described ;) plus TONS of flavor. This is a hearty, tomato based soup. (slow cooker)

  8. French Dip Sandwiches - a HUGE fan favorite. Toast your hoagie, and top it with the amazing roasted beef for the best french dip sandwich you've ever had at home! (slow cooker)

  9. Lemon Pesto Chicken - this one is delicious grilled, but is designed for your slow cooker. Throw it on a salad or pasta - and voila!

  10. Declan's Chicken - named after our feisty third child! A creamy and tangy pepperoncini chicken (slow cooker)


March PLUS/W30 Menu


March PLUS/W30Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Kung Pao Chicken Plus – Just like our Kung Pao Chickpeas from the vegetarian menu, this meal has a mixture of sesame oil, coconut amino, bell peppers, rice wine vinegar and more, for a delicious flavored asian chicken. (slow cooker)

  2. Mississippi Pot Roast Plus - a fan favorite, this is a twist on the classic pot roast. It's a flavorful roast with a tangy taste, sure to please! (slow cooker)

  3. Sloppy Joes Plus - GIVE THIS ONE A SHOT! This isn't a canned sloppy joe my friends, it's a delicious homemade mixture. (slow cooker)

  4. Barbacoa Beef Plus- think Chipotle - but 10 times better ;) (slow cooker)

  5. Taco Slaw Plus - Tomato and cumin, green chiles and spice together makes this meal delightful. Perfect for that Tex-mex craving at home. (stovetop)

  6. Easter Ham Plus - this one has some secret ingredients that creates the most delicious holiday ham base. Just throw it in the slow cooker and move along! (slow cooker)

  7. Beef Bourguignon Plus – a tomato based dish, with extreme flavor! (slow cooker)

  8. Honey Garlic Chicken or Meatballs Plus – remember our honey garlic grill menu item? VERY similar, with a sweetness and tang! (slow cooker)

  9. Roasted Red Pepper Chicken W30 - probably the most descriptive title there is, this meal is delicious over greens! (slow cooker)

  10. Thai Chicken W30 - coconut cream, coconut amino, ginger, etc make this a delicious and creamy Thai inspired dish! Slow cooker friendly, but best on the stove!

  11. Mongolian Beef W30 - sweetened with dates to follow whole 30 protocol, this has all the flavor, none of the guilt! (slow cooker)

  12. Everything Chicken W30 - if you love everything bagels, you'll love this chicken! (oven)

  13. Creamy Southwest Chicken W30 - this is best as a skillet meal, but could be done in the slow cooker. Lots of delicious taco seasoning flavors, mixed with hearty coconut cream and fresh lime juice - yum!

  14. W30 Pork Tenderloin - this is a pantry meal, with several delicious spices mixed together to create a perfect crust for a tenderloin. This is best baked, but can be done in the slow cooker as well (you just may want to add a bit of broth)

  15. Chicken Tacos W30 - Bulk this one up with plenty of meat and you'll have leftovers for days! (slow cooker)


March Keto Menu


March Keto Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Keto Cheeseburger Soup - this one is SO tasty. And if you love pickles, it NEEDS pickles! I loved this one as is, but it would be great with cauliflower added for some depth. (Slow cooker)

  2. Keto Jalapeno Popper Chicken - a fan favorite, this is a delicious mix of Mexican spices and cream cheese. it's not TOO spicy, but it's a creamy dish, with a kick! Would be delicious made into taquitos (slow cooker)

  3. Dill Pickle Pot Roast – a brand new one that we know you’re going to love! EVEN if you don’t like pickles (I promise). The salty juice adds so much flavor to the fall apart roast! (Slow cooker)

  4. Keto Meatball Pizza - all the flavor of pizza, without the gluten/carbs! Add as much cheese as you want, because duh!! (Slow cooker)

  5. Everything Chicken - if you love everything bagels, you'll love this chicken! This one is best baked.

  6. Keto Salsa Verde Tacos - a classic Tex-Mex dish, with a great green salsa flavor. This works on ANY kind of meat! (slow cooker)

  7. Keto Creamy Taco Soup - every EF Keto fan's favorite soup! Fits into your keto diet and is still TASTY! (slow cooker)

  8. Keto Cowboy Chili - ok, so we know it's hard to get to indulge in carbs/beans on keto! BUT this one actually comes in under 14g of carbs per serving, so if you save it up for a fun day - you'll get to enjoy the comforts of a chili! Hearty, flavorful and delicious! (slow cooker)

  9. Asian Lettuce Wraps – think PF Chang’s, but fits into your Keto lifestyle! Super tasty, a mixture of 10 different seasonings to create a perfect wrap! (Slow cooker)

  10. Spinach Artichoke Chicken - another new one we cannot wait for you to taste! It is AMAZING. Use your leftovers as a dip! This one can hold a ton of meat and still keep perfect flavor. (Slow cooker)

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