February Menus

January 29, 2019

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February Regular

February Keto – Slow Cooker

February Keto – IP

February Plus/Whole30

February Pop Up – Slow Cooker

February Pop Up – IP 

Shipping Menu - Slow Cooker

Shipping Menu – IP


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February Regular Menu


February Regular Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Mississippi Crack Sandwiches - this is a NEW meal and I am positive it will be a favorite. Two of our best sellers, Mississippi Pot Roast & Crack chicken - made a love child in this meal! (slow cooker)

  2. Broccoli Beef - classic delicious Asian inspired dish - but made at home with ease! (slow cooker)

  3. EF's Pot Roast - this is a mix of a beefy broth base, banana peppers and butter - to make the most flavorful roast you'll taste! (slow cooker)

  4. Chicken & Gravy - perfect comfort food. This is a light colored gravy, packed with flavors like sage, onion powder, garlic powder, etc. (slow cooker)

  5. Swedish Meatballs - think Ikea meatballs, but healthier! This meal needs the full 2 lbs, and could take on more too! Perfect crowd pleasing meal! (slow cooker)

  6. Taco Boats - salsa, refried beans and taco seasoning blend create a delicious Mexican sloppy joe type meal! This is great on buns, or on zucchini sliced lengthwise for a lower carb option! Or nachos! (slow cooker)

  7. Southern Pork Chops - more comfort food to finish out winter! This has a ranch flavor, and is delicious! (slow cooker, but would be great on the stove or baked too!)

  8. Enchilada Casserole - this is a complete dish, we provide the corn tortillas to put into the slow cooker near the end! Super great flavor! Pack on the cheese because why not! (slow cooker)

  9. Beef Tips - classic beef tip favor; onion soup mix, beef broth granules, dried minced onion - just a very savory meal! (slow cooker)

  10. Chicken Spaghetti - another new one you will LOVE! This one is highly kid approved, and would be perfect to bring friends over! Creamy and cheesy based, with rotel (diced tomatoes) as well! (slow cooker)


February PLUS/W30 Menu


February PLUS/W30Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Taco Slaw - Tomato and cumin together makes this meal delightful. Perfect for that Tex-mex craving at home. (stovetop)

  2. Fiesta Chicken Plus - This meal is packed with protein with beans and chicken. Tomato gives a nice under taste to this fun and versatile meal. (slow cooker)

  3. Steak Chili Plus - A tomato based chili for the steak lover in your life. Flavorful with a little spice. (slow cooker)

  4. Sausage and Potato Soup Plus - This combination of broth and Italian flavors will send you back for seconds. Add the optional spinach to pack in more veggies! (slow cooker)

  5. EF’s Meatloaf Plus - Just like mom use to make, this meatloaf has a sweet, tomatoey glaze that is to die for. Super simple oven baked meal!

  6. Minestrone Soup Plus - You don’t have to travel to Italy to enjoy this delectable soup. Kidney beans give this tomatoey soup an extra bit of flavor. (slow cooker)

  7. EF Chicken Pot Pie Plus - Home cooked chicken pot pie will have your mouth watering. Perfect mixture of broth and veggies will get you full and happy. (slow cooker)

  8. Cuban Stew - This spicy tomato based stew is delicious in every way. With a touch of bell peppers and garlic, you can’t go wrong! (slow cooker)

  9. Butter Chicken W30- Melt in your mouth delicious. This Indian dish has a hint of tomatoes and curry that with leave you reaching for more. (slow cooker)

  10. Creamy Chipotle Chops W30- these creamy pork chops pack a little heat, but not too much! (best on stovetop)

  11. Mexican Shredded Beef W30- Melt in your mouth flavorful beef. A hint of lime and tomato make this meal tender, juicy and amazing! This is SO versatile, the meat can be used in so many different ways. Tacos, burrito bowls, salads, etc. (slow cooker)

  12. Enchilada Chicken W30 - That great enchilada taste with whole foods! The sauce has a trace of cumin and a splash of tomato. (slow cooker)

  13. Bruschetta Chicken W30 - This Italian dish is delightful with a dash of tomatoes and a dabble of garlic, you won’t be disappointed. BONUS: Add some fresh roma tomatoes or basil for an even tastier dish! (slow cooker)

  14. Egg Roll in a bowl W30- Perfect for that Chinese food craving without having to leave the house. Think deconstructed egg roll! (stovetop)

  15. W30 Pot Roast - A perfect pot roast, compliant with W30 protocol! Balsamic, spices and a touch of coconut amino pack this with flavor! (slow cooker)


February Keto Menu


February Keto Menu - Meal Descriptions

  1. Tikka Masala - This creamy dish has a little kick but not too much. Flavorful and delicious Indian cuisine in the comfort of your own home! (slow cooker)

  2. Chicken Bacon Chowder - Comfort food for a cold winter day. Who doesn’t like bacon!? This thick and creamy soup will have you wanting more! (slow cooker)

  3. Crack Chicken - This chicken takes crack to a whole new level ;) After trying this, you'll understand its name! The subtle hint of bacon and tomatoes makes this dish a hit. (slow cooker)

  4. Queso Chicken Soup - This quick and cheesy soup is a delicious meal for a cold day. (slow cooker)

  5. Keto White Chicken Chili - A protein packed meal in one bowl! White chicken chili is perfect for those freezing days. Depending on how intense you're following keto, you can add beans or not, but it's a favorite keto substitute for a classic dish. (slow cooker)

  6. Ranch Chicken - A mouthwatering ranch chicken dish with a hint of butter. Deliciousness in every bite. (slow cooker)

  7. Garlic Butter Chicken with Cream Cheese Sauce - This meal is perfectly creamy and delectable. Just enough garlic with a buttery undertone. (slow cooker)

  8. Mexican Shredded Beef - Melt in your mouth flavorful beef. Tender, juicy and amazing! This is our most versatile dish, use it for low carb nachos, tacos, burrito bowls, salads - it's the most perfectly flavored meat! (slow cooker)

  9. Keto Beef Stroganoff - It might not be your mother’s recipe but this beef stroganoff is out of this world while still following the Keto guidelines. Mushrooms take this up a notch if you choose to add them. (slow cooker)

  10. Montreal Roast - Canadian inspired roast. This roast will not disappoint, it's a perfect blend of spices plus butter! (slow cooker)










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