2019 - We're Ready!

January 14, 2019

2019 is going to be another crazy year, just like the last year.  Here’s the big thing that I learned in 2018.  IT’S OKAY TO ASK FOR HELP.  I absolutely cannot do it all and it’s silly of me to think that I should.  December marked a full year of using Easy Freezy meals in my home.  I could never measure how much time, work and stress these meals have saved me.


Was I still stressed about other things?  You betcha.  I mean, am I ever going to fully catch up on laundry? Let’s be real.  But I also had so much less stress when it came to keeping up with meal planning and having dinner on the table.  Our big win? We ate less fast food.  A lot less.


Because of Easy Freezy my family spent more time this year having fun together doing the things that mattered to us. I was able to leave the house in the morning knowing that by the time we came home that evening all I had to do was throw together some sides and serve dinner.  This also allowed us to be more intentional with the food we cooked-way less food waste and more brain space to create new meals from Easy Freezy leftovers (which we always had).


If you’ve ever been to our store and heard my whole “Easy Freezy Talk” then you know that I am passionate about what we do.  I mean it when we can save you time.  I see it in my own life and my family’s.  We all feel this way at Easy Freezy.  We’re just so gosh darn proud of what we do and our Easy Freezy community.  And don’t even get me started on how I feel about our allergy-friendly menus.  My tender little heart WILL cry.  That’s a weepy blog post for another time.


There’s still time for you to place an order for Keto and Plus/Whole 30 bundles in February and start your year off right.  Let us save you time and make your life easier in 2019.

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