October Fall Menus

October 24, 2018

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October Regular 

October PLUS/Whole30

October Keto

October Soup

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Meal Descriptions


October Regular Menu

October Regular Meal Descriptions:

#1 - Korean Beef Tacos - one of Easy Freezy's top 3 fan favorite meals! This is a savory and flavorful roast that is amazing with sriracha slaw on top. (slow cooker)
#2 - Creamy Cajun Chicken - don't worry! This isn't too spicy. Creamy, with a light kick, this is awesome over pasta or veggies and a total comfort food fix. (slow cooker)
#3 - Scarlette's tomato soup - if you've never made homemade tomato soup, you're missing out. Serve this along-side classic or fancy grilled cheese sandwiches on a perfect fall evening! (slow cooker or stovetop)
#4 -Zesty Italian Pork - tangy and flavorful pork (chops or loin will work). (slow cooker)
#5 - Gravy Covered Steak - classic comfort food with a delicious brown gravy. Enough sauce to serve over egg noodles or rice. (slow cooker)
#6 - Creamy Angel Chicken - a delicious white sauce perfect on top of noodles or spaghetti squash. This is a hearty and savory dish. (slow cooker)
#7 - Easy Freezy's Pot Roast - tangy, buttery, delicious pot roast. You'll love this one! (slow cooker)
#8 - Declan's Chicken - creamy and tangy pepperoncini chicken. (slow cooker)
#9 - Swedish Meatballs - you will absolutely want to use the full 2 lbs of meatballs on this dish. It is a VERY flavorful meal, and could handle 3 lbs if you want to invite over friends! (slow cooker)
#10 - Fiesta Chicken - black beans, corn, tomatoes, spices, serve this in a bowl, or as nachos! (slow cooker)


October PLUS/W30 Menu

October PLUS/W30 Meal Descriptions!

#1 Cowboy Roast - a delicious BBQ roast with a small kick of jalapeños! (slow cooker)
#2 Vegetable Beef Soup - a hearty vegetable packed, tomato/broth soup (stove-top best)
#3 Sweet & Sour Meatballs - sweet & tangy - does have pineapples & bell peppers (Slow cooker)
#4 Korean Beef Tacos - our customer favorite meal! (slow cooker)
#5 Smoky Pork Chops - delicious pork chops with a hint of smoke - packed full of flavor! (stovetop)
#6 Steak Chili - hearty and flavorful chili, without any allergen worries! (slow cooker)
#7 Enchilada Chicken - DELICIOUS Mexican chicken that still meets W30 standards! (slow cooker)
#8 EF W30 Meatballs - everything you need to make DELICIOUS meatballs while maintaining W30 standards (baked)
#9 Mexican Shredded Beef - this is the perfect meal to turn into anything you wish! A burrito bowl, salad, plantain nachos, etc. 
#10 Moroccan Beef - garam masala makes this dish full of flavor! (slow cooker)
#11 Chicken Cacciatore - tomato based chicken meal with bell peppers and delicious seasonings (slow cooker)
#12 Beef Tips - creamy and flavorful classic comfort food! Ghee, coconut amino, and coconut cream keep this w30 compliant! (slow cooker)
#13 Tikka Masala - your classic Indian dish, made W30 safe! (slow cooker)
#14 Crispy Chicken - another fan favorite! Smoked paprika is what sets this dish apart! (baked)
#15 Roasted W30 Pork Tenderloin - this dish is flavorful, full of several species, and perfect for inviting guests over for a fancy dish! (baked)


October Keto Menu


October Keto Meal Descriptions!

#1 - Cowboy Chili - ok, so we know it's hard to get to indulge in carbs/beans on keto! BUT this one actually comes in under 14g of carbs per serving, so if you save it up for a fun day - you'll get to enjoy the comforts of a chili! Hearty, flavorful and delicious! (slow cooker)
#2 - Mississippi Pot Roast - classic tangy pot roast, perfect with your favorite green veggies and a salad! (slow cooker)
#3 - Creamy Taco Soup - every EF Keto fan's favorite soup! Fits into your keto diet and is still TASTY! (slow cooker)
#4 - Steak Bites - savory and flavorful steak in a brown gravy-like sauce. (slow cooker)
#5 - Poppyseed Chicken - remember the casserole your mom used to make? It's like that, but way healthier! (slow cooker)
#6 - Buffalo Ranch Lettuce Wraps - not too spicy, but definitely the delicious buffalo flavor packed into this chicken! (slow cooker)
#7 - Shrimp Scampi - butter, lemon, spices, oil, yum! (stove-top)
#8 - Parmesan Garlic Chicken Wings - crispy and delicious cheesy wings! (oven baked)
#9 - Creamy Greek Chicken - did you love our Grilled Greek Chicken? Then you'll LOVE this one! (slow cooker)
#10 - Mexican Shredded Beef - our most versatile dish. Taco salad, lettuce tacos, serve this up tons of different ways! (slow cooker)


October Soup Menu

We don't have any meal descriptions for our Soup Menu, but we can promise it will come back soon (in the New Year)!




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