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January 23, 2018

Self care is a huge buzz word these days right?  And from the conversations I've had with my friends, people don't even understand the beginnings of how to make space and time for it.  Because LISTEN LINDA, ain't nobody got the time or the money to do all these awesome things related to self care.  I get it. 

Here's the thing.  Self care can mean ANY NUMBER OF THINGS.  Maybe FOR YOU that is reading a book.  Maybe it's taking a quiet walk outside.  Maybe it's sitting still for FIVE WHOLE MINUTES and letting the world be quiet around you.  Self care doesn't have to be extravagant, it's just a means for which you put yourself first for a change.  And that's just not a bad thing.

But SOMETIMES?  It SHOULD be extravagant!  And my very favorite way to make time for myself is a massage.  My good friend Lindsay Juarez with Mindful Massage is my massage therapist of choice.  She is thorough, makes the time incredibly comfortable, and is highly skilled.  


Something important to note here?  A massage is approximately the same price as eating out at a middle-of-the-road restaurant for 1 meal as a family of 4.  So MAYBE, make sure you have an Easy Freezy meal in your freezer, so that you can make the space in your budget for the pampering of a massage?

As an exclusive gift for Easy Freezy customers, Lindsay is offering $10 off all massage sessions scheduled in the month of February.    HOLLERRRRRRR!  Hurry up and take advantage of this amazing deal!  Book your massage, and be sure to mention Easy Freezy for your discount!
Book here: Mindful Massage Booking


Is this way out of your budget?  I understand, truly.  Here are some awesome products to consider purchasing to pamper yourself at home!

This dry brush is a great and simple way to exfoliate and care for your skin!
Everyone should own a foam roller!  There are so many quick routines you can add to your stretching or end of day settle down routine to really get deep stretches!
A REALLY simple way to make your self care routine go a step further is to add epsom salt to your bath.  There are so many benefits to this; truly a long list of reasons to take that next step.

Or!  Maybe you just have tight muscles from typing at your desk, working a manual labor job, etc?  Try this easy heating pad - so much instant relief!


*This post contains affiliate links to Amazon.  Your order generates a small amount of income back to me - thanks!

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