Simplify Success with EF Whole30 Launch

November 29, 2017


Easy Freezy’s Whole 30 menu has launched and we could not be more thrilled! Guys- we told you we would make your lives easier!


Now you can hit the reset button on your diet and we’ll do all the meal planning and prepping for you! And with the convenience of our fancy-schmancy new online ordering system (if you want- we’ll still do fb orders too for a while). 


There are FIFTEEN meals to choose from, or you can buy ALL. Making half of your month of Whole 30 THAT much easier. I have also crafted ten different seasoning blends to grab in a pinch to flavor meat, make homemade dressings or dips or flavor vegetables with!


Whole 30 can be a really daunting challenge.  Let me make it easier for you!  We have chosen tried and true recipes, with varying flavor concepts to keep your month interesting.  


As a bonus - 5 of the meals, and a few of the seasoning blends are Autoimmune Protocol compliant (AIP).  There are so many autoimmune issues we are learning more and more about, and how we feed our bodies matters.  I care greatly about your health, and I’m excited to partner with you to keep you healthy and thriving!


As always - be sure and ask me any questions you may have!  I am here to help!


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